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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Youth Track and Field Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate in Youth Track & Field?

My child is 12 years, why are they running in the 13 year or 14 year age group?

My child is 5, 6, or 7 years old. Can they join your track team?

What do I bring to practice?

What ages can participate in the Youth Track & Field?

Athletes from 6 -18 years old. Age is based on age as of 12/31 of the current year. Athletes who do not turn 19 prior to the end of the national meet are eligible to compete.

My child is 12 years, why are they running in the 13 year or 14 year age group?
The age division a child participates in is based on their age as of 12/31 of the current year, not their current age. Therefore if a child will have a birthday before the end of the year they must compete at that age level.

My child is 5, 6, or 7 years old. Can they join your team?

Children who are able to follow directions and make it through a workout may join. However, in competition, they may be competing against children who are 8 years old since this is usually the youngest age group.

What do I bring to practice?
Athletes should have the following at each practice: 

  • Water Bottle and/or sports drink: Each athlete should bring a water bottle to every practice. It is very helpful if the water bottle labeled with their name. Running apparel: When it’s warm, this will consist of shorts (NO BASKETBALL SHORTS) and a t-shirt. When it is cooler, this can be the “compression garments” long sleeve top and full length bottoms. It is helpful if the bottoms are the kind that has zippers or snaps up the legs. This makes it easier for kids to remove the sweats without removing their shoes. When it is raining, athletes should have a waterproof coat and pants. When it is cold, athletes should plan on running the entire workout in their sweats and should have hats and gloves. When it is dark, athletes should bring a headlamp that will stay on their heads when they run. 

  • Warm-ups: Every athlete should wear sweats (top and bottom) to every practice. These will be worn through our dynamic stretching routine and warm-up run. The coaches will instruct the athletes when to remove their sweats. Our coaches believe that it is very important for proper muscle care for all of our athletes. If it is a hot day, please wear light-weight sweats. 

  • Training Shoes – NO BASKETBALL SHOES OR CASUAL SHOES. Athletes wear running shoes during practice, unless directed otherwise. Spikes are only worn predominantly for meets, NOT for practices. Spikes should be brought to practice for some workouts, however, running shoes should be worn. Local running stores such as Fleet Feet, have employees skilled at finding the right shoe for your child and offer a price discount of 10% for athletes and coaches of the Texas Stallions Track Team, just ask! 


  • Athletes must be registered to participate in practices, for the purposes of practices, payment plans are considered registered.

     I really want my child(ren) to participate but I can't afford it, can you help?

    We have a limited number of sponsorship's each year. One option we offer parents is to sale the ESPN Magazine subscription. For each subscription sold, $30 can be applied toward your membership fee (Registration Fee + Fundraising Requirement).For outdoor, you must typically sell 11 subscriptions, for Indoor you must sell 7 subscriptions to have all of your fees covered. However, parents of athletes receiving grants must volunteer and become active in the club. We are a nonprofit organization and collect registration fees and conduct fundraisers to cover our costs. Please visit our membership documents area for an application.

    Where can I buy running shoes/spikes?
    You can buy running shoes and spikes at any of the sports stores-- Dick's Sporting Goods, Academy, Luke's Locker, Sports Authority, and Fleet Feet who offers 10% discount if you tell them you are with the Texas Stallions .

    What can I expect at track meets?
    Age-group track meets can take some time due to the number of events being offered and the large number of participates. Parents should expect to spend up to 4-8 hours, in the stands. Due to this reason we strongly recommend you come prepared. We also ask that you stay through to the end of the Meet. Please do not “drop off” your athlete and leave them unattended at Track Meets. If you cannot stay for the meet you must make arrangements for supervision of your child. The Coaches are very busy and at times distracted with the flow of the Meet and cannot watch your child or be responsible for children that do not have parental supervision at Track Meets.

    Bring lunches and snacks, a cooler with ice and plenty of water. Remember that meets are held under most weather conditions and some meets do not have covered seating so it also a good idea to have on hand some of following items depending on the weather conditions: Extra warm and dry clothing, umbrellas, seat pads, blankets, collapsible chairs, sunglasses, sunscreen, stop watches, binoculars, still and video cameras, and any other items you deem necessary. Normally a concession stand to purchase food and snacks at all meet sites.

    At the meets the team sit together. As the announcer calls out the event the athlete must report as instructed so you must listen closely. Stickers are given out to the athletes by the coaches with event, age and gender. Athletes are eligible in the developmental meets simply by showing up. The developmental meets in the beginning of the season are to provide each athlete with the opportunity to try a large variety of events and meet qualifying standards for larger meets. In the District, National Qualifier (Regional), and National meets there are qualifying standards.

    Note: Please ensure the athletes are properly rested, have had a healthy breakfast, and are properly hydrated before arriving to the meet. Avoid dairy products before and during meets.

    What can I expect at practices?
    At the start of practice athletes are to take a minimum 1 lap warm up jog and then proceed to the far end of the field for stretching. After stretching and announcements, kids will break off into groups: Sprinting (includes long jump and hurdlers), Distance, Throwing, and Race-walking. The athletes will spend the remainder of practice in their groups.

    Note: Please do not have the athletes eat heavily or consume dairy products before practices. Ensure they are properly hydrated and have had a healthy snack before arriving.

    What are the practice times and where?
    Typically practices will be 2 days a week - Tuesdays and Thursday unless reschedule is necessary due to weather or track availability due to sports taking place at the high school track. Once we get into April and early May, practices will change to 3 times per week. Most Outdoor season practices will take place at Klein Oak High School. Our alternate practice site for the early part of the season is Krimmel Intermediate. Please check the calendar on the team web site for practice dates, times and locations.

    What running gear does my child need?
    Your child will need to have a pair of athletic running shoes for practice and meets. Appropriate running attire should include warm ups/sweats (earlier in the season), running shorts, long, short sleeved, and sleeveless shirts. Running spikes are an option, they are not required. It is required that all athletes bring water and/or sports drinks to practices and meets. Recommendation: Put your child’s name on everything they bring to the track, including drinks.

    Are there additional expenses required by the athlete?
    The athletes/parents are responsible for transportation to all meets and the athletes meet entry fees which run $5. There are shirts and sweatshirts for sale, however purchase is optional. A good pair of running shoes should be purchased for the athlete. Spikes are optional, however most athletes above Sub-Bantam purchase them.

    What form of communication is used by the team to reach parents/athletes?

    All communication is handled via e-mail via Stallions Newsletter, the website, and our Facebook/Twitter accounts. If a practice will be cancelled, the team will typically send an email by 5:30pm so it will be important to use an email that you can monitor during the day. A message will also be posted via Facebook and Twitter status. Typically, we will always have practice. We do not mind practicing in the rain, but if it is lightning or thundering we will send everyone home. See in-climate weather policy.

    What are my volunteer obligations?
    Managing a team of 40 - 60 kids ranging from 6-18 requires a lot of support and help from the parents and all levels of assistance is appreciated.

    Who are the coaches?
    We are lucky to have such great coaches. Read about them here....

    Is parent attendance required at practices and meets? 
    Yes. A parent or designated adult is required to be in attendance during all practices and meets. The coaches will be responsible for the athlete while on the track, however should a child need to leave the track for any reason, a parent or designated adult will need to take responsibility of the athlete.

    What are the track and field events?
    There are 14 track events and 7 field events in AAU youth outdoor track and field. Learn More...

    What are the different age groups and what is the birth date cutoff?
    Athletes will participate in the age group based on their age as of 12/31 of the current year. The age groups are:

  • 8 and under 

  • 9 Years 

  • 10 Years 

  • 11 Years 

  • 12 Years 

  • 13 Years 

  • 14 years 

  • 15 and 16 

  • 17 and 18 (Kids who turn 19 after the conclusion of the Junior Olympics or National Championship are eligible to compete.) 

    What does the registration fee include?

    The registration fee covers accident & team liability insurance, AAU, USATF, and/or TAAF annual membership, and end of season award/party. All fees must be paid prior to participating in practice. Fees are nonrefundable, nontransferable. All funds will be used to the benefit of the team and its athletes.

    How much does it cost to register an athlete for the team?
    It varies from season to season and is two-part -- Registration fees + Fundraising Requirement. The registration fee averages around $200 per season. If your Athlete is going to participate in the full summer season, you will need to purchase a custom Texas Stallions Uniform for an additional fee. The fundraising requirement varies greatly from season to season. There are also additional costs for meet entry during the season, as well as additional fees to cover travel to and participation in out of town meets. 

    When is your season?
    Our outdoor track season begins in February and, depending on what qualification standards are met by the athlete, ends with the AAU Junior Olympics around the first week of August. We have a practice season for those who are cross training or looking to stay in shape. Their season would end at end of May with no qualifying meets. Learn more...

    Our indoor track season is the shortest and officially begins in December and ends in February. Learn more...

    Can my child sign up right now and train ?
    It depends on the season. Outdoor Track and Field registration is open February through May.  Indoor Track and Field is open November - December. Indoor is only open to middle and high school students. Athletes must be officially and fully registered within 10 days of joining the team.

    What ages can participate?
    Athletes from 6 -18 years old. Age is based on age as of 12/31 of the current year. Athletes who do not turn 19 prior to the end of the national meet are eligible to compete.

    What is your inclement weather policy?
    Meets and practices will be held as scheduled except in the event of extreme cold, heavy rain, or lightening. If meet or practice is cancelled or delayed, a message will be posted via our text messaging system. We will also make every effort to update the on the club’s website:, Facebook, and Twitter Pages.


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